Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants to Surround Your Workspace

We offer indoor plants along with an interior plant service, to all businesses of all types and sizes. Indoor plants provide a whole new image and feel to ones working environment. The designers and landscapers at Stems will replenish your office with beautiful live plant creations that will create ambiance and charm throughout your workplace.

Additionally our clients can have a luscious Living Wall installed in their office that grows on a vertical surface through a safe, and convenient hydroponic system.  The benefits? Not only does one make beautiful artwork for your wall, it will improve the airflow throughout your office substantially because it acts as a “Bio Filter”.  Our green walls are built with a special irrigation system in place, allowing for the free-flow of water as needed. Stems will look after your Living Wall, providing maintenance service on a regular ongoing basis, so you never have to worry about its well being.

Whether your business prefers single reception or office plants in containers, or elaborate plant displays among large areas of your workplace, we’ll work with you to determine your desires, bringing your vision to life. Our luscious indoor plants will assist in improving the aesthetics of your workplace, and the general well being of your employees, with fresh scents and new sights.

Stems Provides:

  • Tropical plant installation
  • Right plant in right spot
  • Potted into modern containers to suit decor
  • Professionally potted for longevity and aesthetics
  • Purchase or lease program
  • Full guarantee on plant looks and survival as long as we look after them
  • Tropical plant maintenance plant care done on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis
  • Living Wall maintenance